Car show revs up at Independence House

Blanchard Valley Health System will look to capitalize on beautiful weather Friday with its annual Independence House Car Show.
The event will take place from 5-7 p.m. at Independence House, 1000 Independence Rd., and will feature live entertainment, free food and a wide array of “fabulous” cars, according to a press release.
Megan James, BVHS communications coordinator, said DJ Jim Duggan will provide live entertainment, and free food in the form of popcorn, hot dogs and snow cones will be served as patrons can come and go as they please. There will also be a tent seating.
“Last year, it was a little chilly but it was beautiful and there were a lot of cars,” James said. “This year it’s supposed to be gorgeous so this should be a very large event and a good showing for anyone who wants to come.”
Registration for the car show is free, and participants can either register early by calling Independence House at 419-435-8505 or register the day of the event by showing up.
The car show will have placings for first-, second- and third-place selections, all of which will be people’s choice, James said.
“If you come, get a ballot and vote for your favorite cars,” she said.



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