Public Record

• Complainant reported a hit-skip at a West Center Street location at 7:05 p.m., advised of damage to the mirror.
• Officer issued a citation for seat belt following a traffic stop at South Main and East Lytle streets.
• Officer issued a citation for possession of marijuana following a traffic stop at an East Lytle Street location.
• Officer issued a citations for stop sign and seat belt violations following a traffic stop at South Poplar and East South streets.
• Officer issued a citation for a seat belt violation following a traffic stop at South Poplar and East Center streets.
• Caller reported a recumbent bike was taken from Reservoir 3.
• Caller reported a female took money from him at a North Countyline Street convenience store.
• A Stearns Road caller reported someone stole her medications.
• An East Fremont Street caller reported her ex took items from her residence. Officer advised male still has residency.
• A North Countyline Street caller reported she is receiving harassing text messages from a female.
• Caller reported a small dog at a College Avenue residence is loose and running into traffic. Officer unable to locate the dog.
• Officer flagged down regarding subjects entering a Perry Street residence. Officer advised it was under investigation.
• Caller reported a green light out at South Main and East South streets. Street department notified.
• A North Union Street caller wanted to speak to an officer regarding a bunch of calls from overseas.
• An East North Street caller reported he needs an officer at the house because the landlord is trying to let an uncertified electrician work there. Officer advised subjects have agreed on a solution.
• Complainant reported a dog left in a silver vehicle at a Plaza Drive location with windows barely cracked for air. Officer advised windows are cracked about seven inches.
• A North Vine Street caller reported a tree came down and brought down power lines with it, advised she is out of power.
• A North Countyline Street caller reported she has joint custody with her ex and their daughter was at the father’s and he allegedly assaulted the juvenile. Officer advised he spoke with the highly intoxicated ex and he was advised that if he had a problem with his ex-wife to contact the court, advised youth is remaining with mother for the night.
• Female reported a male friend had dropped her off at her Woodward Avenue trailer and smacked her, broke a mirror inside her trailer and was heading back to Detroit intoxicated. Officer advised there were no signs of injuries and complainant does not want to pursue charges.
• A Lewis Street caller requested to speak to an officer regarding a situation with her ex.
• Complainant reported four youth jumped the fence at a Stadium Drive location. Officer advised it is open to the public, juveniles were not messing with anything.
• Complainant came on station with dogs that they located.
• Complainant requested a welfare check on her grandchild at a Gormley Street location. Officer advised no one was home.
• Complainant came on station, requested to speak to an officer regarding sexual abuse. Officer advised it was in reference to a previous complaint at a Lewis Street location. Officer advised children’s services would be contacted.
• Caller reported a male in a vehicle at an East Lytle Street location driving at a high rate of speed. Officer was unable to locate.
• A Woodward Avenue caller reported his grandson is having thoughts about harming himself and requests to speak to an officer. Officer advised he will cooperate with emergency room.
• An Arthur Avenue caller reported her teenage daughter is being unruly and requested an officer. Officer spoke to mother and juvenile, advised teen will go with the father.
• A Rock Street caller reported a tree limb fell down in the back yard and lines were down.
• Caller reported a loud party at a location near the intersection of Columbus Avenue and Nichols Street with cars parked all over the place, advised of possible underage drinking. Officer spoke with owner and music was not loud upon arrival.
fire runs
• Caller requested a squad at 10:05 a.m. for an infant with breathing difficulties at a location in the 1000 block of Carrie Lane.
• Squad requested at 4:31 p.m. for an ill female in the 12000 block of West Allen Street.
• Squad requested at 11:13 p.m. for a female with low-blood sugar in the 100 block of East Crocker Street.
• An Ash Street caller requested EMS at 1:02 p.m. for an elderly female.
• 9-1-1 call at 7:50 p.m., EMS requested to a location in the 500 block of North Poplar Street for an elderly male.



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