Counterfeit $20 bills found throughout area

Law enforcement officials said there have been numerous reports of counterfeit $20 bills being used in Findlay, Fostoria and Tiffin over the past few weeks.
According to a post from the Tiffin Police Department’s Facebook page, “The counterfeit $20 notes are printed on bleached genuine paper and will feel like genuine currency. The ink used makes the counterfeit note appear darker than a genuine note. The notes are primarily detected at the local banks as stores make their night deposits.”
The report stated there are no leads at this time.
Those with any information about the bills are encouraged to call the Secret Service Toledo Resident Office at 419-259-6434. If calling after business hours, listen to the entire message and follow the instructions to speak with an agent.
Following is a list of identified serial numbers detected over the last few weeks: DC35796137D; JC65756165D; DC75796165D; JC35796137D; and CC65756173D.



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