Fetching her health back

A canine found starving in Fostoria nearly six months ago has completely regained her strength and health, according to animal shelter staff.
Erin McKibben, Wood County Humane Society manager and humane agent, said the society, with the help of a veterinarian office, were able to bring the formerly emaciated canine back to good health.
The dog’s shelter name, as McKibben referred to it, is Adeline.
“There wasn’t any damage done to (Adeline’s) health from the deprivation of nutrition,” McKibben said. “She was able to recover quite well in a couple of months with meals and good nutrition.”
The nine-year-old female boxer was discovered Nov. 17 at a North Countyline Street residence after an anonymous call alerted Fostoria police of a malnourished dog.
Reports indicated that Officer Jonathan Bryant responded to the call and reported a female boxer was tied up at the trailer and there was no food, water or shelter present. The dog was then seized due to a concern for the “immediate health and safety of the animal.”
Her ribcage visible through her brown fur, the malnourished canine weighed approximately 35 pounds when she was picked up by the humane society, according to McKibben. She now weighs a healthy 48 pounds.
Although Adeline was sickly, McKibben said from the time she arrived she was a friendly, sweet dog that acted “as if nothing was wrong with her” or nothing had “been done wrong to her.”
“(She’s) been friendly all a long,” she said. “She really loves people. She’s easy going around people. She’s just a good dog.”
Adeline’s owner, Cynthia Taylor, 27, 1521 N. Countyline St. Lot 137, was charged with animal cruelty, a misdemeanor of the second degree.
According to reports from the Fostoria/Tiffin Municipal Court, Taylor entered a plea of no contest to the charge, was found guilty and was sentenced to 90 days in jail with 90 days suspended. She was placed on probation, surrendered Adeline and is prohibited from having pets during her three-year probation period.
Adeline was awarded to the shelter through the court. McKibben said she is currently with a foster family but that the family intends to adopt her.
“Adeline loves people,” she said. “Anyone that is able to spend time with her, take her for walks, and just love her in return is a great home for her.”



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