Three arrested in METRICH sting


TIFFIN — Three Tiffin residents were arrested Thursday following execution of a drug-related search warrant.
Seneca County Drug Task Force-METRICH Enforcement Unit conducted a search warrant at 209 Third Ave., Tiffin, at 11:55 p.m. which resulted in the arrests of Jon L. Lange, 20, Adam L. Barto, 27, and Kenneth Thompson, 27, according to a press release from METRICH Coordinator Chuck Boyer. The three individuals were arrested for trafficking heroin, a fifth-degree felony.
“We had a lot of complaints of activity at the residence,” Boyer said. “We suspected something was going on and investigated.
“Our agents are going to work diligently and persistently to send out a very clear message that heroin abuse and trafficking is unacceptable in this county. I don’t care if we have to make an arrest every week, we will do it to reassure the quality of life for our community and reduce the availability of this drug.”
The search warrant, signed by Judge Mark Repp of Tiffin Municipal Court, uncovered US currency, stolen property, suspected heroin, hypodermic needles, drug paraphernalia, prescription pills, criminal tools and evidence of drug trafficking.
Additional charges of possession of heroin, possession of criminal tools and permitting drug abuse are pending for the arrestees, as well as for Vallen M. Fox, 30, and Alexis Mesnard, 19, who were also at the residence.
Charges will be filed upon the conclusion of the drug investigation and the return of the lab analysis of the substances discovered.
Officers from Tiffin Police Department provided assistance in this search.
“We are going to continue to use all of our resources to battle and stay on top of this effort,” said Tiffin Police Chief Fred Stevens in the release. “There are just too many good people and good families being affected by this devastating drug.”
Law enforcement officials encourage citizens to report suspicious activity to local agencies or to the Seneca County Drug Task Force-METRICH Enforcement Unit crime hotline at 1-877-446-DRUG (local 443-0463).



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