Public Record

• Complainant advised her vehicle was hit while parked at an East Lytle Street location; advised the other driver took off.
• Complainant advised his neighbor drove his car through his garage at a West Jackson Street residence.
• Complainant reported his vehicle was broken into; requested an officer to a McDougal Street location. Officer advised it was a hit skip, not a breaking and entering.
• Officer issued a citation for a stop sign violation following a traffic stop at a West South Street location.
• A Perrysburg Road employee advised a vehicle was stolen from the lot; advised would speak with officer at station after work.
• A Perrysburg Road employee advised the vehicle that was reported stolen was found.
• Complainant requested to speak with an officer in reference to something he observed on the Internet and his juvenile child. Officer advised him of options.
• Caller reported three dogs in the roadway on South U.S. 23. Officer advised unable to locate.
• Complainant advised the dogs at a Union Court residence bark on a regular basis; subject advised (s)he works midnights and is woken up by the dogs all often. Officer advised he spoke to the dogs’ owner; advised her of complaint; advised the dogs were taken inside.
• Caller requested to speak with an officer regarding her daughter who took a cell phone and refused to give it back. Officer advised the phone was returned to the mother.
• Caller advised her niece, who she has custody of, is on house arrest and left; requested to speak with an officer. Officer advised caller of options; advised juvenile returned to residence.
• Complainant advised of a couple fighting over money; advised female went after male, who has locked himself in the bathroom at a Francis Avenue location. Officer advised male left for the evening.
• Caller advised his girlfriend and he got into a fight. Officer advised no physical violence; advised they separated for the night.
• Complainant advised of subject near Walnut and Summit streets that are being loud; advised there is always traffic in and out of the house.
fire runs
• Caller requested EMS at 3:06 a.m. for a lift assist in the 1600-block of Andrews Avenue.
• EMS responded to the 900-block of North Main Street for a male subject with elevated blood sugar at 11:42 a.m.
• Squad was requested to the 400-block of West Lytle Street at 7:42 p.m. for a subject who fell and may have injured his arm.
Seneca County
• A West Ohio 18 caller advised a vehicle spun out west of Bascom by a bridge, advised it may have rolled, unknown injuries, advised it is in a field. Deputy advised there were no injuries, the driver was already gone and vehicle will be towed later.
• A West Ohio 18 caller advised a vehicle spun out in his yard, no injuries. Deputy advised vehicle has been removed.
• Caller advised of a vehicle in a ditch at a West Ohio 18 location. Deputy advised he was unable to get the vehicle out, advised it will stay there until someone can get it.
• Caller advised a subject hit a fire hydrant near a West Ohio 18 location. Deputy advised there was damage, it is leaking, advised he would contact Fostoria Police Department.
• Caller advised a vehicle hit a ditch and struck a culvert near the intersection of West County Road 6 and South County Road 47.
• Caller from a school in Findlay requested deputy attempt to locate a subject at a West County Road 60 location; advised she took her granddaughter out of school there and was going to enroll her into another school district but that has not yet happened; advised they needed to speak with subject concerning the child missing school. Deputy advised location was checked, that house is no longer there, the main house is empty; advised complainant.



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