Public Record

• William M. Lentz, 32, 1827 Park St., was arrested for possession of marijuana and menacing following an incident at a West Fourth Street location.
• Adam R. Ward, 21, Colorado, was arrested for ovi, obstruction and additional traffic violations following an incident at the intersection of East Lytle Street and South U.S. 23.
• Officer issued a citation for speeding following a traffic stop at a Sandusky Street location.
• Officer issued a citation for a parking violation near a Beier Drive location.
• Officer issued a citation for driving under suspension following a traffic stop at an East Lytle Street location.
• Officer issued citations for expired plates and expired license following a call at a West Lytle Street location.
• Officer issued a citation for speeding following a traffic stop at a South Springville Avenue location.
• Officer issued a citation for speeding following a traffic stop at a location near the intersection of Bradner Street and South U.S. 23.
• A West Tiffin Street caller reported she got home and saw someone busted off a key in her back door, advised of pry marks on the door but entry was not made. Officer advised damage to the rear door, advised a neighbor witnessed a white male juvenile or young adult.
• A Glenwood Avenue caller reported a vehicle with a loud muffler stopping at homes and a subject from the vehicle will run up to residences and then run back to vehicle, Officer advised he checked the area and was unable to locate vehicle matching description, advised he had seen vehicles with paper delivery persons in the area exiting vehicles and running papers up to door steps.
• A West Crocker Street caller reported her boyfriend is at her residence and won’t leave, advised she is scared of him.
• Complainant reported her daughter is on some type of narcotics and is out of control, advised she is on foot, headed towards Main Street. Officer advised daughter does not live with mother. Officer advised both mother and daughter can have an officer on standby if they would like to retrieve property.
• Employee of a North Countyline Street business reported an elderly male who walked in looking for his grandson, requested an officer. Officer advised the subject is back wandering the streets, advised the subject was transported back to residence.
• 9-1-1 call, an East High Street caller requested an officer for a dog at the above location. Dog was impounded.
• Owner of impounded dog met an officer at the impound on Jackson Street. Officer advised the dog was released to the owner.
• A McDougal Street caller reported a dog running at large in the area. Officer was unable to locate.
• Emergency Room staff reported they have a female who is a possible victim of domestic violence. Officer advised female was assaulted by a male subject, she advised she does not wish to pursue charges.
• Complainant reported he was harassed by someone at a West High Street location.
• A Sandusky Street caller reported she was assaulted by her boyfriend who took off walking.
• Callers reported an elderly female at a North Union Street location yelling for help, advised she possibly has dementia. Officer advised contact was made with daughter-in-law, the elderly female was released to her.
• Complainant reported a dog in the area of West Center Street running loose, advised it has a collar. Dog placed in impound.
fire runs
• 9-1-1 transfer call from Wood County at 2:14 p.m., EMS requested for an elderly male in the 300-block of Hays Street.



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