Bust turns up crack cocaine

Law enforcement officers executed a drug-related search warrant Thursday on a North Countyline Street residence.
Officers from the Seneca County Drug Task Force-METRICH Enforcement Unit, along with additional officers from Fostoria Police Department, executed a search warrant on 1521 N. Countyline St., lot 22, the residence of Edwin Hogan Jr., 35.
The search warrant, signed by Judge Mark Repp of Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal Court, unveiled U.S. currency, suspected marijuana, suspected crack cocaine, prescription pills, drug paraphernalia, criminal tools and evidence of drug trafficking, according to a news release.
Additional charges of possession in crack cocaine, possession of prescription pills, possession of marijuana and possession of criminal tools are all pending against Hogan upon conclusion of the drug investigation and the return of lab analysis results of substances discovered inside the residence.
Fostoria Police Department’s SWAT Team was utilized to make entry into the residence and execute the search warrant, according to the news release.
Det. Chuck Boyer, METRICH coordinator, said there has been a steady increase in drug abuse throughout all of Ohio in 2013 and into this year, with heroin taking the reigns as the top culprit. Since 2014 began, he said METRICH has investigated 51 drug-related cases.
“We’re having a case almost every single day,” Boyer said.
Calling heroin abuse an “epidemic” in Ohio, he attributed the rise of the “highly addictive” drug to its cheap cost and easy accessibility.
While Thursday’s case was related specifically to crack cocaine, Boyer said heroin is the most common drug found during the unit’s search warrants.
“It’s a white-collar drug. It’s a blue-collar drug,” he said. “It’s affecting all levels of society.”
Boyer said the METRICH unit will be committed in 2014 to reducing drug abuse in the community by aggressively pursuing the dealers who are making the substances available.
“We’re sending a message,” he said. “They better get it crystal clear that if they’re going to sell drugs in our county, we’re going to come after them.”



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