Rep. Damschroder to his wife: ‘Help me, Rhonda’

State Rep. Rex Damschroder (R-Fremont) accompanied his wife Rhonda to the elections board office on Friday — so she could run as a write-in candidate for his seat.
The state representative announced Thursday his wife will run as a write-in candidate for the May primary election in hopes of securing his spot in the 88th district, after he was forced to withdraw his candidacy for the seat last week after failing to sign one of his petitions for reelection.
Accompanying a photo on his Facebook page Friday, Mr. Damschroder said he joined Rhonda at the Sandusky County Board of Elections as she filed her declaration to be a write-in candidate.
The 88th District includes all of Sandusky and part of Seneca County.
Mrs. Damschroder will seek candidacy for the Republican nomination in the May 6 primary election with the goal of serving as a placeholder for her husband if she is nominated.
“If elected, this action by her would create the opportunity for party officials in the district to place my name on the General Election ballot as the Republican candidate for State Representative,” Rex Damschroder said in a written statement on his Facebook page. “This is the only legal remedy to provide constituents a choice during the general election.”
The clerical error also prevents Mr. Damschroder from running as a write-in candidate.
“Logic would lead one to believe that a simple and honest mistake should not prevent me from running as a write-in candidate,” he said in the statement. “While I do not understand the logic of the law and strongly disagree with it, it is my responsibility to follow the law.”
The state representative, who was initially unopposed in his quest for a third term, acknowledged his filing error and asked for voter support as he attempts to get his name back on the ballot.
“It is my sincere hope that with your support of my wife Rhonda’s write-in candidacy in the primary election, it will allow the important work of the 88th House District to continue,” he said in the statement. “The voters of Sandusky and Seneca County have given me the privilege of representing them. Today, I apologize for my error and humbly ask for your support once again to continue serving as your State Representative.”
Rhonda, Rex’s wife for over 40 years, served as a school teacher for more than 35 years and has recently served as a treasurer on her husband’s campaigns, Rex said.
The Damschroder duo is not in the clear yet, however. Bill Reineke, Jr., president of Tiffin Ford, Inc. and a partner in the Reineke Family Dealerships, recently announced he is also seeking write-in candidacy for the district.



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