Fostoria officer to replace stolen gun


A Fostoria police officer will have to replace his firearm after it was stolen from his vehicle in Toledo Wednesday night.
According to Fostoria Police Capt. Patrick Brooks, an officer was in Toledo when a window of his personal vehicle was smashed out and several items were stolen, including his ID, badge and firearms.
His ID and badge were recovered in a nearby yard but, as of Thursday night, the firearms have not been found.
“It is the responsibility of the individual officer to secure his equipment,” Brooks said.
The responsibility of replacing the firearm also falls on the officer, who Brooks declined to identify.
“No disciplinary actions are pending at this time,” he said. “There’s nothing in our current regulations that govern the storage of equipment when officers are off duty.”
According to Brooks, the department had a standard operating procedure, which “specifically stated that a firearm should be stored in a locked drawer, cabinet, or case and rendered inoperable to children” and had a “strict prohibition of storing firearms in vehicles;” however, that policy was abolished by former Police Chief John McGuire when he was hired in 2006.
McGuire got rid of the department’s entire standard operating procedure manual, which covered everything from evidence collection to the standard way of impounding bicycles, according to Brooks.
He said he doesn’t know why McGuire abolished the manual and that as captain, he does not have the authority to either reverse McGuire’s decision or create another manual.
Brooks advised that this is an issue that has been brought up before and needs to be reviewed, along with the department’s rules and regulations book, which hasn’t been revised since the early 1990s.



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