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As the end of the school year swiftly approaches, it’s time for juniors to schedule their senior portrait sessions.
In an effort to provide students with tips and hints on how to “look their best” for their senior pictures, local photographer Sarah Rudy will be hosting a free “modeling” class for 2015 seniors from 7 to 8 p.m. Friday and Sunday at her studio located at 110 E. North St.
“Most girls have self-esteem issues and one thing I notice is they often say they don’t like getting their picture taken or how they look in their pictures,” Rudy said. “So I work with them on why don’t they like themselves in photos.”
Rudy will focus on ways to make the photo subject look their best, using lighting styles, posture, poses, camera angles and more.
Mary Fry, of Rodan & Fields, LLC, dermatologist, will be at the classes to talk about skin care and products that reduce acne or other skin irritations. She will focus her discussion on how to make the skin look its best, which will in turn help the student.
Rudy will also be providing students with make-up tips on ways to accent the eyes and other facial features.
“This information isn’t just for photos,” Rudy said. “It applies to everyday life, cell phone pictures, selfies. … Whatever they do, whatever pictures they take, these tips will help them look their best.”
Rudy said in the past she has worked with models who may be the “thinnest, most beautiful model,” but still go through the same body issues and need to be coached on what to do in their photo shoots.
She said her class will help the students not only look good in their photos, but gain the confidence to feel good about themselves both in and out of photographs.
Rudy said although the session is more geared towards females, males will not be excluded if they want to attend. She will also give them hints on what to wear and how to stand to appear “more masculine” and will explain the difference between masculine and feminine posture.
She said a “mini session” will be offered, where she will help the students properly pose, with a flattering light and angle. She will then give them a sample photo of themselves using the tips they were given.
Students in attendance will also be given the chance to be entered into a drawing to win a free senior portrait session through Sarah Rudy Portraits.
Although this is her first time offering a course such as this, she said this class will be an enhancement of some of the things she touches on throughout her photo sessions.
“What’s important is a lot of photographers now-a-days are priding themselves on not posing, but what we need to do as photographers is actually understand how to coach (subjects) through a photo session,” Rudy said. “I’m hoping that they take away from this class the importance of understanding what is a good pose, how to stand, how to dress most flattering, and things like that.”
Cost is free; however, seats are limited. A parent must call to register by contacting Rudy at 419-788-1016.
For more information, visit or follow her Facebook page.
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