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Gamers young and old unite.
Fostorians looking for retro and next-generation video games no longer need to travel outside city limits.
Game Over opened Jan. 20 at 117 S. Main St., offering new and used games, consoles, accessories and collectibles for everything from Game Boy, Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo to Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo DS.
Co-Owner Stephen Scherger, 25, said the store prides itself on offering Fostoria residents their gaming needs without them having to travel to Findlay or Tiffin to pay marked-up prices at chain stores like Gamestop.
Popular titles like “Grand Theft Auto V” that would normally retail for $54.95 at Gamestop are $53 at Game Over. In addition, an Xbox 360 console marked $230 at the retail chain comes with two controllers and $25 in store credit for a $245 total at Game Over.
“We’re not here for the money,” Scherger said. “We’re here to show Fostoria that they don’t need to go to Findlay or Tiffin just to go get picked on by Gamestop.”
Another claim to fame for Fostoria’s newest business is the store’s “buy three, get one free” deal on all used games, movies, accessories, cds and more. Game Over also buys, sells and trades new and used games at much better prices than its well-known competitors.
Where Gamestop typically offers 10-15 percent value for trade-ins, Scherger said his store will offer anywhere from 25-50 percent of retail value, depeding on condition.
Game Over will also be jumping into the realm of trading card games, namely fan favorite, “Magic: The Gathering.” Scherger said the store plans to convert a back room into a “tournament room” where Friday night Magic tournaments will take place.
As an added incentive, he said the store is going to be sanctioned by “Magic” to sell booster boxes, tool kits and other items.
To celebrate the move to Fostoria, the crew at Game Over will host an all-day Grand Opening event Feb. 22. In addition to the store’s buy three, get one free promotion, Scherger said customers can sign up for the day-long “King of the Fighters” Tournament.
For a $10 registration fee, gamers of all generations will be able to test their might in a seemingly endless barrage of fighting games spanning multiple platforms. Classics like “Mortal Kombat,” “Street Fighter” and “Killer Instinct” will kick-off the cyber smackdown while newer titles like “Tekken 5” and “Injustice: Gods Among Us” will finish the competition.
Food and drinks will be provided free of charge and anyone from the public can stop in throughout the day and participate. Anyone interested in playing in the tournament is urged to come into the store to inquire further, Scherger said.
Video game system bundles for Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and other systems will also be on sale during the grand opening celebration, he said.
“That’s going to go on all weekend, starting Friday,” he said.
Football fans looking to dominate the virtual gridiron will have the opportunity to do so this summer when the store hosts its “Ultimate Madden Season” competition. For this event, Scherger said gamers will be able to pick a team from the National Football League and play an entire 16-week season on the Madden NFL video game.
The best eight teams will move on to the playoffs with the final two earning the right to play for a grand prize and trophy in the “Fostoria Game Over Super Bowl.” Scherger said interested gamers can pay a registration fee of $50 for their favorite team, if not already chosen, and $25 for a randomly selected team.
Scherger’s experience in video game retail did not begin just last week. After initially going to college to pursue a career in game design, the Fostoria native ended up working for Level Up in Tiffin before opening a shop in Findlay.
Though, with two Gamestop locations in Flag City and a vocal demand for a similar business in Fostoria, he said the time was now to give Fostorians a store they could be proud to shop in.
“We’re going to be able to compete with Gamestop and we’re going to offer prices better than any place you could get anywhere in Findlay,” he said.
Alex Hughes, a Game Over employee who studied business management and marketing at the University of Michigan, said customer satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth are the keys to survival in the small business world.
“I pride myself on providing good customer service,” Hughes said. “If I can get you to come in and have a good experience, you’re going to come back and you’re going to tell your friends about us.”
Game Over is located at 117 S. Main St. and is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sundays from noon to 8 p.m.



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