Wolf Creek clean-up on way to be OK’d

Seneca County Engineer Mark Zimmerman said the benefits outweigh the cost for leaning-tree and log-jam removal along Wolf Creek.
Zimmerman gave county commissioners an update prior to a hearing scheduled 10 a.m. Jan. 30 in the Public Safety Building at the county fairgrounds. During the session, commissioners are expected to affirm their previous motion and approve a resolution setting the assessment amounts. Property owners will have 21 days after the hearing to file a challenge.
The county engineer has been taking calls in recent weeks about the assessments, he said.
Commissioners have had several meetings about the issue and previously approved a resolution which granted the petition of several landowners along the drainage channel. Assessments have been determined and issued to property owners. Most assessments are under $25.
The county will front the $280,000 project cost and be reimbursed. A maintenance fund will also be established for continued upkeep of the drainage channel.
For any property owners who want to do their own work, their assessed amount will be reduced, Zimmerman said. He will meet with landowners who want to do their own work.
“A landowner can remove (the obstructions) cheaper than a contractor,” he said.
Permits are not required for tree- and log-jam removal he said, after discussions with the Army Corp of Engineers. However, any work on sandbars, may require a permit, Zimmerman said.
Construction specifications will be completed and bids will be sought. Work is expected to be done this year. If the amount owed is $25 or less, it will be due in one payment; $500, two semiannual payments; and more than $500, three years for payments.
Assessments will be placed on real estate tax bills beginning in 2015, Zimmerman said.



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