A Couple of Unsual NKP Auto Cars (Part II)

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Milepost 789

A few miles back, I mentioned TWO unusual NKP auto boxcars that I intended to tell you about. But then, someone threw the switch and I got shoved into the hole as things like Happy New Year and a Christmas wrap-up took priority. But now I’m back on the main line so will pick up the second half of the post that was to be about a week ago.

When I had asked my friend Ray for some pictures of the 40′ DD boxcar with auto end doors, he also sent me this most interesting one…

It also had the auto end doors but only had one larger side door. Of course, Ray mentioned that this one would REALLY be an interesting car to have so I went to work.

The model was actually very similar in construction to the 40′ double door car. I started with that old trusty Athearn 40′ single door boxcar. Again, I popped off the roofwalk and removed the bottom door guide. I left the top ones in place since the new doors aren’t really that much wider and the original ones look OK to me. Cannibalization of another MDC/Roundhouse boxcar with those same auto end doors provided the needed parts.

Assembly was basically the same; I sanded away all excess plastic from the back of the end door casting as well as the details from the A end of the 40′ car. Next, I glued the door casting in place, again, being careful to center it top to bottom and left to right. The slightly wider doors came from an Athern 50′ single door boxcar; they were a little tall, so I shaved off just enough of the tops for them to fit. Again, I removed the “claws” at the bottom and added my own strip stock for the new bottom door guide. Replace the roofwalk and adde the brake wheel to finish the body assembly and get it ready for painting.

After the paint was dry, I added my own decals. For those of you who may be doubting the authenticity of the car number, look closely at the prototype picture and you will se that she is indeed numbered 4321. Unusual, but it does happen. When the decals were dry, I hit them with some matte sealer and completed assembly of the car.

So there you have it… two unique auto boxcars with end doors; a single door model and a double door one as well. Both cars are a part of my freight car fleet and will no doubt show up along the right of way.




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