Just a little Unfinished Christmas Business to Tend to…

Milepost 788

One of the neat things about being a model railroader is that if you are passionate about it, people soon catch on that… well, you actually like trains. And, if they are kind and generous, they will feed your fancy. The tree is down now but the other evening when I was looking at it and thinking of Christmases past, I saw several of the train themed ornaments hanging on it. Those ornaments serve as reminders of the old S scale American Flyer racing around the bottom of the tree when we were little… of the very large Hallmark display ornament of a railroad train (yes, I still have it) and of the Christmas gifts from the past. Christmas is about the birth of Christ and the memories made when family & friends come together to celebrate that birth.

This year was no exception as Santa was kind to me. Among other things, he left me a Kalmback book about building projects, a custom decorated wooden reefer (story later) and a jeweler’s loupe. I’m particularly excited about the loupe; it is on a glasses-type frame and should come in really handy for tasks like reattaching Kadee coupler knuckle springs. All in all, as usual, it was a great Christmas and one that will add to our collective memories of Christmas past.


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