Happy New Year!

Thumbnail for 34352I had originally planned on mentioning a second freight car kitbash but when I looked at the date of this post, I couldn’t help but wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!  2013 has flown by but we have covered a lot of ground here over the year.  There was lots of modeling, our trip to Alaska provided some prototype and modeling features and the opening of the new railfan park in Fostoria will no doubt provide some prototype pictures for years to come.

As I look to this year, I’ll be doing some major layout work by either remodeling my current railroad OR getting out the sabre saw and starting all over.  No decision has been made yet but as I write this, I’d have to say that I’m leaning towards modifying my existing layout for both time and economical reasons.  Either way, I’ll have plenty to tell you about when that happens.

On a personal note, our daughter is set to be married in late June so if you promise not to laugh (too hard), I’m sure I’ll have some pictures of the proud father of the bride to share with you as well.  As mentioned above, there will be train watchng trips, plenty of modeling projects to complete and lots of other stuff going on along the right of way.  I do hope that you will take the journey with me.





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