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Milepost 1327


I just received an email from MODEL RAILROADER announcing some of the features of the upcoming August issue.  I’m particularly excited to receive this one because there is a feature in it of a modeler’s efforts to model the Piney Fork branch of the New York Central.  That is of real interest to me because Piney Fork is only about 6-8 miles from where I grew up back in the Ohio Valley.  The NYC had a bit of a Nickel Plate connection there as well since the line came into Dillonvale/Pine Valley and the NYC used some of the Nickel Plate’s facilities there.  Even moreso, the line ran right behind my great uncle’s house and I can remember trains on the line from time to time when I was really little.


According to the email, the layout also features some steel mill modeling.  I’m not exactly sure how that ties into Piney since the NYC didn’t serve the mills in Mingo where Dad worked but you know the first rule of model railroading… it’s YOUR layout so build it/run it the way you want to!


For those of you who are subscribers to MODEL RAILROADER, there is a video preview of the layout posted on their website.  Sorry I can’t share it with the rest of you; I tried but couldn’t get it to work.




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