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Milepost 1315


I received an interesting email the other day from a gentleman who sent me a picture of a Nickel Plate medal that he had gotten from somewhere.  He wanted to know what it was.  I shared the image he sent me with our BoD and rather quickly received this picture in response. 

What the gentleman sent me was the medal portion of a plaque like the one above.  It was awarded by management to different groups who had no accidents during the entire year.  Railroading is a dangerous job and it was quite an accomplishment for a particular group of employees… especially those who worked outside in all kinds of weather and conditions along the tracks, to go without having an accident.  These groups took a great deal of pride in receiving these awards because, unlike today, they weren’t just given out, they were earned.

Since the person only had the medal part of the plaque, we will never know which NKP group earned it but we do know that group spent a lot of time being careful to do so.

This little exercise shows the value of belonging to a group like the Nickel Plate Society.  There is a huge amount of stored knowledge spread among our members and they are more than willing to share it… to pass it down to the next generation of Nickel Plate fans.  So if you aren’t currently a member of the NKPHTS, I strongly urge you to consider becoming a part of us.  No doubt you will learn and, who knows; you may be able to share some things with the rest of us.  We would love to have you.  For more information about joining the NKPHTS, go to Membership




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