An Old Catalog

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Milepost 1316


In addition to marveling at some of the workmanship of modelers from many years ago who didn’t have access to all of the ready-made parts we have today, one of my favorite activities when I read through old copies of MODEL RAILROADER or RAILROAD MODEL CRAFTSMAN is to look at the ads.  Well, recently, I was looking for an old freight car in my collection and ran across this most interesting insert in the kit box.



For your reading enjoyment, I’ve produced the two-page insert in a much larger format than usual but take a look at both the offerings AND the prices.  Loco kits for $30; car kits for $2-$3.  Of course, that’s back when 50¢ was a usual weekly allowance and maybe you got another buck for cutting the grass with a push mower.  But still, it is fun to look back and reminisce.

Have fun taking a short walk back in time!


PS. — I wonder where I can find some of those blind caboose kits?  They’d make some really neat MoW cars for sure! 🙂



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