The Perfect Solution to a Lot of Stuff

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes, it just seems like you have way too much stuff?  I’m not talking about an extra few car kits, an extra building or two, one or two spare locomotives and of course, a small surplus of tools.  No, I’m not talking about any of those… I’m talking about ALL of them…times ten!  You look around and think to yourself, “I just have way too much stuff.”  Don’t feel too bad, it happens to all of us sooner or later.  That extra kit or those cool little tools just add up to the point where you get overwhelmed if you really stop and take a look at it.

Well, fear not!  I’m here to share with you the perfect solution of too much stuff.  A couple of posts ago, I told you about a train show here in Findlay and for the first time ever, I spent a couple of hours “culling the herd.”  It really is amazing how many things you buy then decide that they won’t “fit” with your scheme of things.  Or maybe your scheme of things change and those 1950s style boxcars just won’t do on your revised layout plan that is now based in the 1920s.  Then there’s the mistake you make when you tell people that you like a particular something-or-other and you end up with three of them as gifts at Christmas time.  So you end up with way too much stuff.

After I spent a few hours gathering some stuff together, I priced it at a price I’d be willing to pay for it.  On the day of the show, I put all of the stuff out on the table and the chaos began.  A little sale here, a bigger one there.  A Great Northern boxcar goes to this person; that person gets six NKP pieces.  All the while, you are putting more stuff on the table to cover up the bare spots.  Time goes by and at the end of the day, you realize that you sold about half of what you took and your cash box is bulging!  Success!

So what do you do?  Well, the next time you go to the train store, you buy some more stuff!  It’s the perfect plan… think about it… you sell a lot of stuff for about half of what you paid for it.  Then you turn around and buy some more at a higher price.  If you repeat the cycle a few times, you will have spent lots of money but gotten rid of a lot of stuff.  So when you look around, you won’t be overwhelmed by the piles of stuff on your hobby shelves nor the amount of money left in your wallet!  The perfect solution to the problem faced by all of us model railroaders.  Remember, you heard it here first.

What an appropriate post for April 1st!


PS. — Oh yes… APRIL FOOLS!!! 🙂



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