Give Me Credit

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You don’t sound different, I’ve learned the game
I’m looking through you, you’re not the same  –  the Beatles

My head was spinning.

The problem was that my credit card was set to expire while a new, replacement one hadn’t yet arrived via the mail.

So I rushed to my bank where a kind office worker offered to help.

Usually, a replacement credit card will arrive two months prior to the current one expiring.

My mind was racing with why this was late.

1.) My bank had forgotten all about me.

2.) The post office had forgotten where I was residing. Again.

The kind bank employee phoned Texas to find where my card was. I had hoped the bank could simply issue me a new card on the spot. Naive?

I was informed that my new credit card had JUST been mailed from Texas that same day while I was at the bank and would arrive in three to five business days.

The timing of my visit was suspicious.

The kind bank worker asked me if I wanted a another, new card with greater benefits.

I had arrived with zero cards and now was being offered more credit cards.

My replacement card did arrive two days later.  



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