One Man’s Trash…

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Milepost 1283


It is often said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  That is certainly the case with my model railroad “storage unit.”  When I worked at the newspaper several years ago, this was sitting in the basement and was going to be tossed.  It had been offered to a guy who had lots of charts & maps but he said that he was no longer needing them so wouldn’t need a place to store them.  I asked if I could have it figuring that my model trains would fit perfectly in the ten-drawer unit.  “Get it out of here and you can have it,” was the reply from the building superintendent.  So I asked him if I could borrow one of the company vehicles to take it home.  He looked at me then it dawned on him that I couldn’t drive!

That was a Friday afternoon.  The next morning, there was a knock on my door and he and another individual from the maintenance department were sitting outside my garage with the unit in the back of a van.  I helped unload it, took out some dividers then lined it with some real thin foam padding.  Here you can see the results.

I’d guess that the unit is about 24×36, has ten drawers as I mentioned and will probably hold well over 200 train cars, cabooses and locomotives.  Yep, one man’s trash is this man’s treasure!




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