More Layout Progress!

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Milepost 1237


A few more days and a few more screws & nails go into the project!

Back at Milepost 1230, I showed some of the basic framework that had been built up to that time.  Since then, I’ve attached all of the components to the main structure and started to add some of the backdrop that will eventually go against the wall.  Believe it or not but “so far…” my plan is right on.  The width of the main benchwork is only off by 1/4 inch!  I could almost chalk that up to the saw kerf but if I’m anyways near close to that in the end, I’ll be a happy camper fur sure.


The section shown here will be enlarged and will house the “fold” in my dogbone design.  The minimum radius of the inside curve will be 24 inches so there will be some extra space for a small town and some spurs for switching action.  I may actually be like the prototype and put the switches in after the main has been laid since I’m not exactly sure what buildings I’ll use and hence what sidings/spurs I’ll need.


The folded dogbone will be in the shape of a rather large “U” and along the outside of that U, there will be a spur that runs to the coal tipple that will be located along the wall and windows in the back of this shot.  So right in front of the backdrop to the left, the mine spur will be climbing a rather rough 3% grade to the tipple.  The rest of the layout will feature a maximum grade of 2%.  The steeper grade will allow for either shorter trains OR larger engines to handle the extra tonnage.

The first casualty of the project was reported when I went to use my old Black & Decker paneling circular saw.  Nothing happened when I pulled the trigger.  It was a good saw and served me for many, many years but it’s now somewhere in the Hancock County Landfill.  I got a new, smaller mini-circular saw so the project continues on.  Since this is one of those new style mini-saws with the 5 inch blade, I’ll make a separate post with my impressions of how it works once I get some use out of it.




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