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Baby I’m a fool who thinks it’s cool to fall  –  Melody Gardot

I fell for a slick trick recently.

No, not evil telemarketing kind.

The cable television kind.

On a recent visit from a cable TV guy to my domicile, I oversaw the re-wiring of the myriad of wires running from my TV to the new cable box to my VCR box.

I know, I know. I should get rid of my VCR/DVD equipment and welcome the new age, but I’ve grown accustom to taping my favorites shows.

I can zap through commercials.

The cable guy shook his head and noted that the updated cable box was not compatible with my VCR.

In other words, the cable company wanted me to enlist its DVR service which would provide my shows.

“It’s only $15 a month,” the service tech told me.

There’s the catch, I thought.

But my VCR still worked, I maintained. The tech was not impressed.

 He shook my hand and departed.

So now I have to rely on the in-demand cable services for the episodes I want to watch, a day or even two days after the event.

But I have to watch ads now, unfortunately.



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