A Different Kind of Toolbar

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I don’t know about you, but I’m a Windows guy.  I suppose that there are some of you who are Apple/Mac users but I’ve always been told that “…real men do Windows!”  Anyway, as long as there has been Windows, there has been at least one “toolbar” in every application.  But it struck me as kind of funny and a bit interesting that, when I was trying to add as much reasonable looking clutter to my motor car project, one of the things I added was a “toolbar.”

As I have preached to you many times, you NEVER throw away any old parts that are left over from a kit project OR even any parts that you can salvage from a car or building that no longer fits your needs because you just never know when those seemingly scrap pieces may come in handy.  And that’s exactly the case here.  I wanted to add a broom or shovel… something that the track gang might grab ahold of to do a little light track maintenance.  But when I went digging through ye olde scrapbox, I hit the jackpot!  From some unknown project, I found a whole sprue of handtools like the ones shown above…shovels, brooms, a pick, an axe and a sledge hammer… everything that I need to really clutter things up.

Another raid into the scrap plastic box (separate from the scrap box) yielded a small piece of scale 2×8… perfect for gluing the parts to.  That got a spray of some tan paint that I had which was close enough to looking like wood then each tool was touched up with an appropriate color of paint.  I chose straw for the broom, black for the shovels, pick and sledge then a small dab of red for the axe.  The only thing left was to find a place for it on the side of the car and glue it into place.  Later when I was doing the weathering, those tools got “used” just like everything else.

I guess Bill Gates doesn’t have anything on me… I have my own “toolbar!”




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