The Shoelace Solution

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Boy, you’re gonna carry that weight
Carry that weight a long time  –  the Beatles

In a stern voice, my family doctor put forth the idea that I drop a few pounds.

Well, maybe more that a few pounds, but I got the idea.

For me, staying away from pizzas represented a sacrifice that I was unwilling to embrace.

Until the good doctor maintained that my heath depended on losing some flab.

True, I had noticed that tying my shoes had become a chore, huffing to finish tying my laces.

Initially I blamed global warming for my weight issue.

You see, if this winter had produced more snowfall, I would have gotten more exercise from shoveling snow from my driveway and porch.

Instead, I was able to stay indoors, close to my couch and television.

To appease my doctor, I decided to outline incentives for dropping some poundage.

After losing a few pounds, my reward came in the form of a UPS package on my doorstep: a cool Cincinnati Reds sweatshirt.

My next goal is a DVD set with the “Taxi” series.

Seems proper that the goal after that should be a three-item pizza.

Perhaps incentive package needs work.  



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