The Luggage Lunacy

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Hey, pack’d my bags, put ’em at the door  –  Chaka Khan

I needed a new piece of luggage for an upcoming trip.

Time had passed to replace my aged black suitcase which, I think, I might have received as a college graduation gift.

(A not-so-subtle hint from my family to please leave.)

My old suitcase was divided into two sections, which served to divide old laundry from clean clothes on a given trip.

On a visit to a city store, I was met several luggage options: small, medium and large enough to smuggle bowling balls. And there were many colors.

A nice saleslady noted that I should consider a suitcase that would stand out from others, so I wouldn’t spend all day at the luggage site of an airport or bus.

Made sense, but I quickly dispelled the idea to buy a Hello Kitty suitcase. No need to get beaten up. Logic dictated that I consider a Star Wars luggage, but the saleslady didn’t share my humor.

A brown case appeared ugly and a blue case seemed too, well, blue.

The color black would have blended in with other travelers, so I decided on deep purple.

Sorry, Kitty.

Hello, Eric. 



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