Fear of Trying

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Oh, travelin’ man, love when I can
But sooner or later I’m goin’ on, yea
Travelin man  –  Bob Seger

Never have been a fan of vacation trips.

I prefer to stay home during vacations, only to visit a golf course, movie or visit to a family member. Or my living room couch.

I don’t mind an overnight tour to a nearby city.

But a long expedition away from home causes discomfort.

A friend suggested a bus tour to the east coast and I obliged, convincing myself I needed to escape my comfort zone. Once.

At least this trek will provide an excuse to buy new luggage with several compartments, replacing my aged suitcase that is divided into two simple compartments.

Not sure if, as a grade school-age kid, vacations with my parents caused this unsettled feeling. Long treks inside the family car to New England, Florida and Colorado were spent with me being bored in the backseat, watching for the next restaurant or hotel with a swimming pool.

And return trips home were painfully long, what with me whining why we weren’t HOME already.

So it would be best if I didn’t whine to the bus driver on our upcoming trip.



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