Angel B Gone

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I can’t understand the way it goes
I don’t wanna know
No, I don’t wanna know
Cuz everything I know makes me feel so low
No, I don’t wanna know  –  Sheryl Crow

Sure, there are worse fates in this life to suffer compared to having a funny TV comedy canceled after a few weeks on the air.

Such was the fate of “Angel From Hell,” a comedy that aired on CBS, until last week, that is.

The show featuring Jane Lynch as a sketchy guardian angel sent to Earth to give direction to a young woman facing pitfalls in life, such as a cheating boyfriend.

“Angel From Hell” had this boozing angel making a mess of her mission before trying to correct her errors.

I enjoyed Lynch’s sarcasm and her delivery of punch lines.

So I was surprised when “Angel From Hell” was cancelled. The comedy was given a quick hook after a few shows.

“Angel From Hell” episodes were, in my opinion, a nice complement on my Thursday night viewing schedule, with “Big Bang Theory” and a rookie smart comedy, “Life in Pieces.”

In the dearth of funny shows, how will I fill out my TV schedule?



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