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Some railroad friends & I were having an email discussion about trains people and noise.  One of the guys in the discussion passed along this little gem…

Had one guy buy a house beside the railroad tracks going to one of the mines.
Back when coal was boom we loaded train after train at this mine. We loaded
in 45 to 55 car cuts. He ended up suing the railroad for us blowing at a
crossing that is beside his house. Said it caused him to lose sleep. It did
go to court… few questions was asked by the judge.

Judge: Were the tracks there when you bought the house?
Guy:: yes
Judge:: Was the crossing there when you bought the house?
Guy:: yes
Judge:: You know trains blow at crossings? Right?
Guy:: yes
Judge:: Knowing this, you still bought the house?
Guy:: yes
Judge:: Sounds like you have a problem.
Guy:: Why is that.
Judge:: You are wasting my time and the railroad’s time with your ignorance
with your lawsuits. Plus you have to pay all legal fees for both parties for
trying to sue the railroad again to just try to get money from them.

This was the 5th time he sued the railroad for something crazy. 1st time
sued for coal dust. The mines is also less the a 1/4 mile from his house
too. 2nd time he sued for running over his water hose he had stretched
across the tracks and did not have his water turned off to them. He had a
$1000 water bill. 3rd time railroad had crossing blocked, but there was 2
other ways in and out of the neighborhood with-in 700 feet from each other,
and at that time there was a derailment too. 4th time I cant remember…

Good for the judge!




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