What’s Mine is Mine

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Can’t take it with you
Everybody knows
Can’t take it with you when you go  –  Allman Brothers Band

Comes a tale from the police docket of an out-of-town traveler who was stopped recently on West Main Cross Street for a traffic infraction.

The driver was cited by authorities for having a suspended driver’s license. On closer scrutiny, the motorist allegedly was found to have a handgun in the glove box of his auto.

So he also was charged with a carrying concealed weapon violation.

But here’s where this tale gets interesting.

The smell of marijuana allegedly was wafting in the car, according to police reports.

This transgression led to the passenger receiving a ticket for possession of marijuana.

So far, so good.

But the passenger asked the law enforcement official if she could please have her weed back so she could smoke it, “since she got a ticket for having it.”

In her mind, this probably seemed like a fair trade. If this were Colorado, she probably would have been given directions to the next dope dispensary.

But since this car happened to be in Ohio at this time of the offense, the officer said no way.

Too harsh for her buzz?



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