Oh No, OSU!

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Don’t dream it’s over – Crowded House

There I was, planning a few events for a much anticipated Labor Day holiday.

A golf outing to end this summer, a cookout and quality porch time.

Eagerly anticipated the football season opener of The Ohio State Buckeyes at Navy at noon Saturday.

Plans were developed for snacks and a cold beverage to watch the game, with my OSU director’s chair, OSU hat, OSU beads and, well, you get the picture.

Pundits had predicted Ohio State to finish anywhere from fourth to sixth place in the nation.

I was worried the season would be difficult, with new offensive lineman and a trip to East Lansing to play the tough Spartans.

Yet I held out hope, because we had senior qb Braxton Miller, a player with more escape moves than a jewel thief.


ESPN reported last week that Miller had re-injured his shoulder. No problem, I thought, plenty of time until the season starts.

News later trickled out that Braxton’s season was over because the injury was worse than first thought.

Now a redshirt freshman was being asked to go under center against Navy come Saturday.

Guess I’ll have to cheer LOUDER at my TV.



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