How I Plan to Model this Strange Wheeling Caboose

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Milepost 862

In my previous post, I mentioned the above caboose and how it caught my eye as being unusual for the Wheeling & Lake Erie. After a little research, I decided that I need to pursue modeling one of them. For more on this particular caboose, see Milepost 861.

As mentioned, I consulted with my friend Ray who seemingly has photos of almost everything that rolled on the rails. He sent me this photo of a Wheeling & Lake Erie boxcar from the 28000 series.

It’s not a super photo but does appear to show that the 28000 series boxcars were pretty much “generic” looking and that one of my old MDC/Roundhouse boxcars or even a reefer might be a great place to start. The original details would need to be removed and the entire car may need to be covered with Evergreen Styrene’s car siding. Door & window openings would be a pain to cut as those older cars seemed to have thick walls and the extra siding won’t make that any easier. Once the openings are made, it looks like Tichy windows would be “close enough.” The car ends would also be cut from the Evergreen car siding but the whole project does seem doable.

The cupola miy be a different story. I could probably scratch build it but that might be a difficult task. I may well look on Ebay for an inexpensive New York Central caboose as they had similar looking tops on them. If I can’t find one… well, scratch building isn’t out of the question.

The rest of the car’s details will probably come from the scrapbox. I’m not sure what I’ll do about the steps; maybe someone makes parts for them as well. I’ll need to check.

Now that the seed is planted, I’m sure that it will grow and one of these days, you will see a post of the finished project. But that might be a ways off.




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