My Old Friend Dick Knotts

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Milepost 855

From time to time, I’ve mentioned people that I have met in this great hobby. One of those people was certainly Dick Knotts who lived near Washington, DC. Dick was a great modeler and was active in the NMRA. When I was thumbing through some of those old NMRA magazines that I had bought a while ago, I came across this cartoon.

Apparently, at one time, the NMRA gave away a “Thumbs Award” for Remarkable Modeling. From what I’ve seen of the award winners in the magazines, it was more or less a “tongue-in-cheek” award that went to the person who submitted a very unique and obviously unprototypic model. In the cartoon here, you can see two of Dick’s more infamous models… the 0-2-0 in the middle of the drawing and the “camelbacks” in the foreground. Dick was quite the character, that’s for sure.

He also wasn’t above lampooning some of his friends with his modeling efforts. When he added on to his layout, he included a “Merkel Munitions” building which was loosely associated with Merkel Firearms from Germany. Later, after he had passed away, the family sent me the building and it is part of my layout today.

Not only is this a great hobby, but you do meet some neat people and make lasting friendships along the way.




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