Whose Faith Is It, Anyway?

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Don’t usually leap into religious topics, but a recent Letter to the Editor drew my attention … and ire.

One Dear Reader disliked a story of ours about a new, “seeker-friendly church” at the Findlay Village Mall.

Despite her claim that she was not “church bashing,” Dear Reader objected to the casual nature of this church that featured entertainment and – gasp – social interaction.

Dear Reader implied that churches that do not preach fire and brimstone and hell are not worthy.

“(W)e don’t need any place that makes people even more comfortable with themselves,” Dear Reader maintained.

So a church that supports and loves its people isn’t worth anything?

Perhaps some churches who want their people to feel unworthy are also worried about declining attendance.

Declining attendance translates into fewer dollars in the collection plate, right? Probably easier to prey (or pray?) on people’s fears than to offer comfort.

How much money can you collect by making people comfortable, unless you own a mattress store?

A second Letter Writer rebuked the first letter, stating this church in question has made his life better.

Isn’t that what church is all about?

And the Bible does say: Where two or three are gathered, I am there too.



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