Gotta Love those Old Ads!

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Milepost 852

In a previous post, I mentioned picking up an old Revell Interlocking Tower to add to my collection of similar buildings. A bonus on the inside was an advertising sheet showing some of the other various HO scale model products in their line. As I looked it over, I couldn’t help but realize how many of those particular items still crop up on layouts today from time to time.

Our first train set was a Revell set and had the switch engine pictured above with the F-Unit. I seem to remember that it was decorated for the Atlantic Coast Line but I’m not sure. In the spirit of the nation’s Bicentennial, it received a red, white & blue paint job in 1976. But other items in the ad graced our layout as well. I remember the set of farm buildings, the farm animals, some of the freight cars shown, the trackside structures and of course, the signs & telephone poles.

Probably one of the neatest things though is the price charged for the various items. Be sure to click on the image to bring up a larger version and you can see what I mean. But before you think about how expensive things are todya, remember that this catalog page appears to be from 1958. Back then, your dollar went a long, long way. Like I said, I mowed many a lawns for a dollar each… and I was using my own mower & gasoline. All things are relative I guess…

If you are an “old timer,” you will no doubt appreciate the trip down memory lane that this old ad provides. If you are a slightly younger modeler, well, take a look at how things used to be!




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