Breaking Real Bad

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What’s the point of being an outlaw if you’ve got responsibilities? – Jesse Pinkman

I’ve kept a dark secret for weeks.

Didn’t tell a soul.

Always wanted to watch “Breaking Bad,” an award-winning series that appeared on AMC a few years ago.

This critically acclaimed series follows a high school science teacher, expertly played by Bryan Cranston, as he produces meth to pay medical bills.

He supports his wife and their disabled teenage son. And a relative is a DEA agent.

I recently bought the DVDs of this show and quickly devoured the first season.

Initially planned to restrict my “Breaking Bad” addiction to Sunday afternoons. But that spread to Tuesday mornings, and then after work.

By late June I was into the fifth season and I finished this addictive series Tuesday. The tale has flawed, greedy characters.

I was spellbound by Walter White, a teacher suffering from lung cancer, and his dim young partner, Jesse, played by Aaron Paul, a drifting loser who sells this stash.

Kept my “Breaking Bad” habit quiet because I didn’t want anyone to spoil the ending.

Saul, a lawyer never bothered by ethics, gets snappy lines.

Is “Breaking Bad” better than the “Sopranos”?

I won’t ruin that for you.



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