A Great Evening of Train Watching — Part II

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Milepost 848

As I mentioned in my previous post, we had a chance to do a little train watching recently and it turned out to be quite the evening. We pick up the action here as a west-bound container train heads through on track #1 and those guys on that coal train STILL haven’t moved. It has to be close to two hours for them being on hold not.

In the meantime, another east-bound snugs right up behind the coal train; that’s another ethanol train thrown into the mix for the dispatcher! The way was finally cleared for the coal train to move on east. Since its power was already past me, I didn’t get a picture but I’m sure that the crew was happy to finally be moving.


Once the cross-over was cleared, another container trained rolled onto the scene, approaching from the east and headed into the yard.


The ethanol train is waiting as yet another east-bound rolls by on track #1. This time, it’s another coal drag with a load of “black diamonds.”


Night is falling fast as the east-bound coal train is our last visitor for the day. I never did take an “official tally,” but there had to be at least eleven trains in the mix over the three+ hours that we were there. Through the years, I’ve found that there are good days and their are bad days; this one had to be one of the best ever.


Finally, I have to share this picture… I wasn’t the only one watching the goings-on from the bridge. This guy sat on the post like this for several minutes and finally flew away as night was falling. I wonder if he was a train buff too???


PS.– The date of this post is July 3; Dad would have been 92 today. It doesn’t seem like it has been ten years that he has been gone. Still miss him but I’ve been told that in a lot of ways, I’m just like my father so I guess he does live on. Rest in peace…



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