A Great Evening of Train Watching…

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Milepost 847

With everything else going on, we did find a few hours to do a little train watching the other evening and it turned out to be quite the show in the 3+ hours that we were there… and it must have been a dispatcher’s nightmare as well!

When we arrived at my favorite spot, the highway bridge just to the east of the new Intermodal Yard at North Baltimore, there was a coal train waiting to go through town headed east. He was waiting for a west-bound stack train to pull into the yard; that was my first opportunity.

After the container train pulled into the yard, the coal drag was still on hold as a west-bound ethanol train came through…


Immediately following that ethanol train, a Union Pacific refrigerator unit train came through. I don’t think I’ve seen a train of this make-up prior to this… all reefers with UP power on the point.


With the coal train still on hold, the #1 track gave way to an east-bound mixed freight.


Immediately on the heels of that mixed freight came an east-bound container train. That’s a bit unusual as it seems as though most of the container trains stop at the yard for redistribution. I felt sorry for the crew on the coal train; it’s probably been at least an hour and a half and they are still sitting & waiting…

We will pick this up in the next segment; will those guys ever get to move?




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