NKP 190 is Quite the Hit!

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You may recall that a couple of years ago, Spencer, North Carolina, was host to all of the NS Heritage Unit diesel locomotives. The event was such a success that they tried something similar earlier this summer and hosted “Streamlined” locomotives like NKP #190. According to all accounts, #190 was quite the hit as were the rest of the locos on display.

NKP #190 is owned and being restored by Doyle McCormick who lives in Oregon but he has NKP roots. I believe it was his father who was an engineer on the Nickel Plate and #190 was a loco that Doyle got a ride in when he was just a youngster. He became hooked and the rest is history as they say.

The unit is not an original Nickel Plate PA-1; those are long gone. But Doyle found a very similar one down in Mexico and had it hauled back to Oregon where he began work in it. His long term goal is to restore the loco to road worthiness and possibly someday, have the 190 on the point of a freight train traversing original Nickel Plate trackage.


The photo above showed the condition of the loco when Doyle brought it back from Mexico. As you can see, a lot of time, effort & materials have been invested to bring the loco up to what it is today. The unit is still not able to operate under its own power but that day is not far off according to those who have assisted with the restoration project.

The unit was moved from Oregon to Spencer for the event with the cooperation of several different railroads. Norflok Southern took the lead since they hosted the show but locos from different parts of the country all converged there on various lines. By most any measure, the show was quite the success and the sponsors are to be commended for their efforts in bringing all of these locos together for display.




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