A Matter of Trust

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It’s so funny how we don’t talk anymore – Cliff Richard

Sad to relate, there are hard feelings between Samantha and me.

Sam, of course, is the voice inside my new Garmin GPS which I can attach to my auto for directions. Samantha’s job is to tell me where to steer my car and warn me in bright red letters if I’m (allegedly) exceeding the posted speed limit.

But two recent trips have caused me to recalculate our budding relationship.

I was headed to a relative’s house in Indiana when Sam told me to turn left. Seeing that the road was marked State Road, I was convinced Sam was mistaken. So I bypassed that street.

Silence. No recalculation. No admonishment from the GPS.

Grudgingly, I turned my vehicle back to that street and eventually found my destination.

Later that week, I drove to a Port Clinton eatery and Samantha neglected to warn me of a detour on Ohio 12. Revenge, perhaps?

I took a roundabout route in the city to locate the restaurant. Samantha did inform me she was recalculating my trip because I was an idiot, I think.

Upon return home, I changed the voice in my GPS.

Say hello to Michelle.



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