The other Half of my Recent Purchase

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Milepost 843

I mentioned a while back that I had heard about Accurail re-releasing their 50-foot plugdoor boxcar in Nickel Plate markings and some limited run cars for Digital Fox and that I had bought some of each. I got two packages a few days later; one with the cars from Accurail and the other with the stock cars from Digital Fox. I have to admit that the stock cars were the most interesting so I built one of them first. But after the company all left our Memorial Day picnic and the grill had cooled off, I had a chance to assemble one of the offerings from Accurail.

The kit assembly was pretty straight-forward again with the floor having basic brake components, trucks, wheelsets, coupler plates and the Accumate couplers. Again, with this car, I’m trying these couplers w/o the trip pins. A stamped steel weight is glued onto the car’s floor on the inside for extra car weight. I used a drop or two of CA this time and that worked fine.

The only thing really left to do after the floor was assembled was to place the doors into their respective openings on the car’s sides. This was a bit unusual; most plug door cars already have the doors cast into the body casting. I don’t recall seeing an Accurail 50-foot boxcar with regular doors; perhaps by making the door casting separately, this car body can be used for both styles.


In the past, I’ve expressed my primary interest in freight cars being 40-foot cars or shorter. But in this case, I’ll make an exception. The 50-foot plug door and 50-foot double door boxcars were mainstays of the Nickel Plate’s fleet during the loose timeframe that I model in. I still believe that shorter cars will make for the appearance of a longer train but I’ll still sprinkle a few of them into my freight car mix.




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