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Milepost 842

You may recall that over the past couple of months, I have had a few posts about the Findlay, Fort Wayne & Western Rail Road here in my blog. In one of those posts, I mentioned that it left Findlay right along Sixth Street then headed straight (and I do mean straight) to Fort Wayne. It was as if the engineers who laid out the line simply drew a line between Point A and Point B and said, “Let’s build it!” This can easily be seen still today if you look at some of the Google aerial photographs. I don’t know why, but even after years of plowing, those old railroad right of ways still show up clearly.

Another thing that shows up very clearly on the aerial photographs is this bridge pier left from when the FFW&W crossed the Blanchard River about fifteen miles west of Findlay. It was a beautiful Memorial Day weekend here in NW Ohio, so we decided that a field trip was in order. It was easy enough to find Old Rte. 224 from the maps we had and only tok a couple of minutes to drive along & find the pier. We may go back earlier in the spring next year or late in the fall this year as the growth along the river’s bank made it difficult to find a nice vantage point for a picture. But with a little climbing around, I was able to get these to photos for your enjoyment.

While Old 224 runs along the west side of the river and is easily accessible, the east bank is a farm field so I dkdn’t venture there. I don’t know if the old abuttment is still in place on the east side but the one on the west is, although it is covered with weeds.


While I am not a modeler of the FFW&W, it was still nice and a lot of fun to get out and do a little “research” about an abandoned line that served Findlay long ago. And, stopping for some ice cream on the way home made it all that much sweeter!

Speaking of sweet, I want to take this opportunity to wich my lovely wife Janet a very happy fortieth anniversary! On June 15, 1974, we took the opportunity to “couple up” and have never looked back. She is indeed a very special lady!


Happy Anniversary Janet!




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