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I happened to be in touch with Accurail recently via email and asked them about the scheduled Nickel Plate Double-door 40′ boxcar production. You may recall that I mentioned sending them some photos quite some time ago and then later seeing the car on their “to do” list. I was just inquiring about the status of that project.

Well, the news was mixed. No, the 40′ DD boxcar wasn’t on any immediate production schedule to get done BUT… they have been busy with some other NKP cars including a “special run” for a third-party vendor. This is good news indeed! If it says Nickel Plate, it has got to be good! 🙂

As closely as I can determine, Digital Fox has Accurail custom produce specific, limited run cars for their line. Prior to this email exchange, I’d not hear of DF but I’m glad that I’m aware of them now. Any additional resources for model railroad equipment is always welcome. You may check their latest offerings by going to their web site, and having a look around. While I don’t know this for sure, my guess is that since these cars are limited runs, they may not be produced in large quantities and probably won’t be around for long once they hit the market.

The other good news is that Accurail has rerun their Nickel Plate 50-foot plugdoor boxcar. I don’t believe I have any of the original run in my collection of “stuff,” but I’m thinking that these cars have a new road number so even if you have one, you can pick up a second one without having to do any renumbering work. Remember also that Accurail sells decals for the purpose of renumbering specific cars. So if you have your heart set on… say 4-5 of these cars, you can order the decals and renumber them yourself w/o much difficulty.

Be watching for a future post about these cars. As you might guess, I have ordered some of each! I’ll be happy to report back to you when I get them and have the chance to begin assembly.




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