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Finally found time to watch “Prisoners,” a dark, absorbing tale involving missing children.

This film from 2013 stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a harried detective investigating the abduction of two girls who go missing on Thanksgiving.

Hugh Jackman plays one father who is, understandably, upset that he cannot locate his daughter and blames the police department for the apparent slow pace of their investigation.

Terrence Howard is the father of the second missing child who reluctantly follows Jackman’s decisions.

The plot questions to what end would a parent go to find a missing child. Police question one suspect at length, but are forced to release him from custody, much to the anger of the families.

Two other characters are woven into this story, and that left me guessing who was the real suspect.

I could sense the anguish of the parents, and the frustration of the detective who runs into dead ends while battling his boss.

“Prisoners” clocks in a two and a half hours, but I was glued to this story.

Some viewers may quibble about the course of the police investigation, or the logic of some of the characters’ actions.

But you won’t forget this movie anytime soon.



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