Altoona, Part II

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Milepost 835

One of the more interesting trains that we saw while in Altoona was the tractor train. The entire train was made up of International Case and John Deere combines. The train was headed east so I’m guessing that these combines were headed for an ocean voyage. I gather that they are destined for Wilmington, Delaware. I’m told that each combine has an individual routing slip on it which designates where it is headed. Many of them go to the Netherlands.

Since we were in the area for the full day, AMTRAK’s Pennsylvanian paid us a visit on both its eastbound then westbound travels. The train runs from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and back daily. The leg from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg and back has not been all that well traveled in recent years and there was some discussion of discontinuing that portion of the route. The State of Pennsylvania stepped up with the funding to subsidize that portion of the route so Alltoona still has rail service. Somehow, it just wouldn’t seem right for one of the most well-known railroad routes in the world to not have passenger service. At least for the time being, that will not be the case.


Here, the eastbound Pennsylvanian arrives at Altoona at about 10:20 in the morning; she was about twenty minutes late. Later in the afternoon, the train heads back to Pittsburgh, leaving Altoona right around 5:30 in the afternoon.


That about does it for our sidetrip to Pennsylvania. We left Altoona in the morning with FORTY DOZEN pretzels for the wedding then traveled to my old stomping grounds where we met my cousin & her husband for lunch, visited a train shop, bought some Italian nut rolls then headed home through Wheeling & Lake Erie coal country. One of these trips home, I’ll need to take some pictures in the Dillonvale/Adena area to share here but I didn’t do it on this trip. Until next time…




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