Stormy Weather, Anyone?

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Where might we find a land as white as snow? – U 2

Tornado watches.

Flood warnings.

Wild fires.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that Level Three winter emergencies were all the norm in our area?

At that time, we hoped for warmer weather to get back into gardens and onto golf courses and out of snow drifts.

I haven’t visited a golf course yet this year, and the ground for my garden is probably still too hard for planting.

Still, I don’t miss sub-zero temperatures of January last. The slick roadways. The outrageous electric bills.

Shoveling, shoveling and more shoveling.

Late one night recently, I happened across the Weather Channel, which was featuring a horrific tornado that ripped through Joplin, Mo. in 2011, leveling the city and killing more than 150 people.

A massive tornado tossed around cars in a department store parking lot like tiny Hot Wheels. A hospital was damaged, leaving dazed people wondering where to take the wounded.

I was transfixed by the brutal images captured by people with their cell phones during this disaster.

It would be wishful thinking to hope our area would take a pass on tornadoes this season.

Bring back snow and cold?



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