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As many of you know, I am the Membership Director of the Nickel Plate Historical and Technical Society. The NKPHTS was founded in 1966, two years after the New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad, the Nickel Plate Road, ceased to exist due to a merger with the Norfolk & Western Railway. The Society was formed to preserve the memory of this great road and to perpetuate that memory for future generations. The Society maintains a great web site at, publishes a quarterly magazine, is active in a variety of preservation efforts and holds an annual convention in the fall of each year usually in a city served by the NKP.

As the Membership Director, I am to attend two Board of Directors meetings per year; the most recent one was held in Buffalo, New York a couple of weeks ago. In addition to managing the affairs of the Society, the semi-annual meetings are a chance to meet old friends as well as make new ones since the make-up of the board does change from time to time. As you might guess, there were several topics of discussion at this most recent meeting but probably the most important one to you as readers of my musings is the plan for this year’s convention. It will be held in Canton, Ohio, and will feature a variety of railroad and Nickel Plate activities. NKP Conventions are for members only so if you would like to be a part of this year’s gathering, you need to give serious consideration to membership in the NKPHTS. Membership information can be found on the NKPHTS web site shown above.

Joining the historical society of your favorite railroad (or railroads) is a great way to improve your modeling skills. Most all societies have features for those who model their particular railroad and the people you will meet have a wealth of knowledge to share which will make your modeling more accurate and more enjoyable. As Membership Director of the NKPHTS, I’d like to invite you to join us; I believe you will find that membership in our society… or any other historical society, will only add to your enjoyment of modeling and railroads in general.




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