Saboteur, please

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Everybody wants to rule the world – Tears for Fear

During a recent Read For Life spelling bee I was deflated when our Courier spelling team incorrectly spelled “oleaginous.”

I felt emptier than a Donald Sterling fan club meeting.

But other teams had missed that, too. We were alive.

After 14 teams had been reduced to The Courier and Marathon, several words were required to snap the tie and give us a tough win.

I dearly wanted to help our three-member team, but I did offer some erroneous spellings that teammates politely corrected.

The winning word, “rappelled,” was one that I thought looked better with another “e.”

For reasons unclear, I had been prepared during this bee to spell “saboteur,” a word that never arrived.

Our team, cobbled together at the last minute, worked smoothly. After a word was presented, we would each write down suggestions and compare notes.

Corduroy, sedentary, queue. Porosity? Who uses that word?

It was thrilling to receive a trophy and have our pictures taken by the mainstream media. Words couldn’t describe my glow.

Driving on South Main Street after the contest, the Katrina and the Waves’ song “Walking on Sunshine” blared on my stereo.

And didn’t it feel good?




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