Spelling Doom

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Don’t ask for help, you’re all alone
You’ll have to answer to your own
Pressure – Billy Joel

Pretty sure the last time I was in a spelling bee contest, I was in grade school.

Pretty sure I probably took a seat in an early round.

I’m not a great speller, but I think I can recognize when a word looks wrong. Still I get stumped on simple words like “surprise.”

So I was surprised when I was asked to join The Courier’s three-member team to compete in a community spelling bee.

The winning team would get two weeks of paid vacation. Or I could have gotten that wrong. I was shocked when I was asked to join.

One aspect of computers at work is automatic spell-checking, which is great on deadline, but doesn’t really allow me to learn from my misteaks.

So I was given a list of study words, complete with their country of origin.

I thought there would be no geography in this contest!

The idea, I guess, is to have fun in the spelling bee while raising awareness for literacy.

Just hope I can spell the name of the country where I’m gonna spend my two-week vacation.



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